Tickled Blue

8:50 video

Mr. Hektek asked if he could tickle me one day but he forgot his restraints so I'm on the honor system to keep from curling up in a ball to escape his teasing & tickling! The soft red flogger gets me started with soft giggles as he drags it across my belly and arms. I'm getting loud and having a hard time keeping my hands out of his way when he uses it on my armpits while he starts in with a black flogger on my legs and between my thighs. I'm giggling really loudly by this time and you can tell I'm really enjoying the sensation of the flogger dragging over my clit through the shorts. Then Mr. Hektek puts the toys down and gets right in to tickling me all over with his bare hands. I am convulsing uncontrollably as he tickles my thighs and the backs of my legs and then my bare size 8 1/2 feet. A few minutes of this torment and he's noticed that my giggles have turned to moans as his soft hands continue to brush over my skin as he winds down the session. I can't wait for the next one!

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